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About Us

Since 1948 Norbut Manufacturing has been covering Natural and Synthetic Rubber with many different types of yarns to produce Elastic Tag String and Elastic Yarn. Our Elastic Products are used in many applications including Airline and Cruise Ship tags, Narrow Fabrics, Car Air Fresheners, Product Tags, Disposable Garments and Hair Nets,  and Medical Applications such as Surgical Socks. We ship to customers all over the world from our manufacturing facility located in Fall River, Massachusetts in the United States of America.

A stocking program of our popular products like the G78P Tag String or GN57 Elastic Yarn allows us to ship product out within 1 business day of receiving an order. Click on the type of elastic yarn you are looking for to see the items we stock. We also maintain stocking agreements with many of our customers for Custom Products as well. Call or email us for more details.

Standard products can be ordered through our On-Line Store or we would be happy to except your order by fax or phone. For quotes on custom products please provide us with a sample.

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